20 years CYPRES - join us !


2011 is certainly going to be another date for the skydiving history books! CYPRES is officially 20 YEARS old!

January 1991 marks the month Airtec Gmbh Co. KG. opened it's doors and started selling the CYbernetic Parachute RElease System. After more than 5 years of intensive research, testing and for sure, some grey hair growing moments, Airtec did it! They built an AAD to be proud of!


With ideals set back in 1986 the company has become the leader in AAD products. Proving "reliability made in Germany" has set the standard for other companies to reach for. With over 150,000 units in the field and approx. 2000 live saves, we think we have deserved to look back at our accomplishments and pat ourselves on the back on a “job well done”.


Of course what would an 20 year anniversary be without a party to celebrate!?

It would be impossible for our CYPRES road tour to stop off at every DZ in the world (although our road tour reps have mentioned they would try) thanking everyone that has supported us over the years. So Airtec has decided to take part in 3 major events during 2011 and add a lot of CYPRES pink (yes and Beer!) to them. We have cooked up some wacky idea's and are sooo excited to see boogie going faces.


We here at Airtec would like to say THANK YOU to all skydivers around the world for the trust you have given us throughout the last 20 years.


Without you we would not be here!


Raise your glass to another 20 years of “Reliability made in Germany”. 


A big THANK YOU to all who participated to make 2011 such a fantastic anniversary year with lots of great moments at the boogies and DZs worldwide. 



Our Goal:
The most reliable AAD possible,


including lifetime warranty.

Benefit from our comprehensive experience and the competence of the unprecedented leader of modern electronic activation devices: the CYPRES. Only the CYPRES provides unsurpassed quality and a lifetime warranty for 12.5 years, including our unique and free worldwide repair services (with the exception of shipping), as long as the scheduled maintenance is performed and there are no signs of negligence, tampering, or intentional damage.... read more



Serious investment into research and development have made AIRTEC the technological leader in the area of electronic opening devices worldwide.

AIRTEC owns more patents in this area than any other AAD manufacturer. This is impressive evidence of AIRTEC's innovative strength since the company's foundation...
read more

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