The DeSi project starts

by Franky Carreras

Improved safety by knowledge and training - that's the motto for the "DeSi" (German for Demo Safety) launch.
With the support from Airtec the 3 intiators developed this program for the safe performing of demo jumps and offer it now as a workshop.

Within 3 days Axel Bachert, Frank Carreras and Ralf Grabowsky convey theoretical background and its practical implementation.

Already being announced in the German magazin FreifallXpress, the project started with a preliminary course at GoJump in Gransee and further on found enthusiastic demo jump students at Skydive Exit in Eggenfelden.

The questions and feedback of the participants and other interested skydivers show, that this background information about demo jumping is of high interest for many jumpers. The "DeSi" project seems to be the adequate instrument to provide this knowledge.

img_9073-klA detailed report about the "DeSi" can be found in the German FreifallXpress 05/2009.desi_shirts_back-kl